Colonial Town Famous For Its Wine


When wine people talk about “high altitude vineyards” they are usually talking about Mendoza. Very few know about Argentina’s true high altitude vineyards, in Cafayate, province of Salta, in the far North of Argentina.

Here, in the wild Calchaquíes Valleys, approximately 10,000 acres of vineyards sit at altitudes ranging from an incredible 5,600 to 9,200 feet, making them among the most scenically beautiful vineyards in South America and indeed the world. And their quality matches the breathtaking scenery—vines grow in dry rocky soil, and the climate is desertic, giving it an even higher day-night temperature variation than Mendoza.

Grapes reach enviable ripeness, and the wines are often inky-black and as powerful as the mountains surrounding the vineyards. In recent years, the Cafayate wine industry has made great strides, with the addition of several world class wineries producing wines that can compete with any from around the world.


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