Bodega Secreto Patagónico We are very proud to finally be able to offer a highquality, small production wine from Patagonia. A magical region in the South ofArgentina known for its rugged mountain landscapes, Patagonia has only recentlycome onto the wine scene, with most of the wineries being very large productionones from the province of Neuquén, the region of San Patricio del Chañar. Wesearched and searched but never found anything made in small enough quantities,or of high enough quality that we could feel good bringing them to our loyalcustomers. That all changed when we tasted the wines from Secreto Patagónico(aptly named “Patagonian Secret”). This is the new project of an old winefamily, the Groppo family, in the region of Neuquén, who were mainly sellingtheir high quality grapes to the larger wineries. In 2000 they made thedecision to start bottling wines under their own label, and this excitingproject was born. They follow the single vineyard philosophy so each wine comesfrom its own vineyard, and they do everything by hand. They make only threewines, Chardonnay, Malbec, and Malbec Roble, with a total of 42,000 bottlesproduced. They work with low yields in the vineyards and all drip irrigation,and make a serious effort to respect the winemaking traditions of the regionand their forefathers. Their wines, like all the wines Bottled Poetry seeks outand is proud to bring you, speak of the terroir of this unique region, a regionthat offers something completely different from the other wine regions ofArgentina. It’s time to discover Patagonia. 

Secreto Patagónico Chardonnay 2010

This Chardonnay comesfrom just a few hectares in the family's drip-irrigated vineyards, anddemonstrates what the white wines from Patagonia can be: fruity, yetrestrained, and fully expressive of the terroir from which it comes. Only14,000 bottles are produced, and the grapes are harvested by hand in the secondweek of February (early for Argentina). The juice then undergoes coldfermentation in stainless steel tanks, and because the fruit is so rich andexpressive the family chooses to leave it un-oaked. The result is asurprisingly sophisticated Argentine Chardonnay that blows away thecompetition. Its playful greenish-gold color catches your eye, and the fresharomas of pineapple, mango, citrus fruits and a touch of honey are reminiscentof a French Chardonnay. On the palate it is soft and fruity, but with abackbone of great acidity, and its finish is long and pleasant. This is aChardonnay to serve with all kinds of chicken dishes, many hot seafood dishes,and even pork with light non-tomato based sauces.  

Secreto Patagónico Malbec 2010

This family vineyard wasplanted only in 2003, but is already yielding wines of incredible concentrationand deep fruit. The yield is 80 qts./ha., and the vineyard is farmed with dripirrigation. Harvest was done in the second week of March, all by hand, and thewine then underwent temperature-controlled fermentation in steel tanks. Thefamily chooses not to age it in oak, as they believe this is the truest way tolet the fruit from a vineyard speak for itself. They made 18,000 bottles oftheir flagship wine, and it is a stunner. Its color is an intense, deep red,with violet hues. On the nose it has berries such as red currants andblackberries, with a touch of jammy plum and violets. From the first sip it isgenerous and lush, full bodied but with good balance, with nice soft tanninsand a surprisingly long finish. The strong sun of Patagonia ripens Malbec intoan entirely different animal than its cousin from Mendoza, and this is aperfect example. A great accompaniment to the famous Patagonian lamb.  

Secreto Patagónico Malbec Roble 200

The oaked brother tothe Malbec, this is nonetheless an impressively balanced wine, with the correctequilibrium between oak and fruit, and with the terroir of Patagonia shiningthrough. The grapes come from the family’s own vineyard, planted in 2003,irrigated with the drip method, and with a lower yield of 70 qts./ha. They wereharvested by hand in the second week of March, all by hand, and the wine thenunderwent temperature controlled fermentation in steel tanks. The wine was thenaged for 12 months in new French and American oak barrels, and 10,000 bottleswere made. It shows an intense purple-red color in the glass, and its aromasare similar to its un-oaked sibling (red currant, blackberry, plum, violet),but with a touch of vanilla, chocolate, and a slight nuttiness. On the palateit is even more full-bodied, with a surprising crisp touch of minerality andacidity that carries the fruit and oak well. Its finish is long lasting,leaving you dreaming of the Patagonian plains long after the last sip. Like allgreat regional wines, it is simply made for drinking with the famous Patagonianlamb. 

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