Just North Of The End Of The World


Argentina is passion. From its vast, fertile plains, to its breathtaking mountains, to its pristine shores, the very land itself conveys a sense of romance, zest and adventure. This passion is reflected in the bold, rich flavors of its wines and foods.

When early European settlers first arrived in Argentina, they found a land that offered ideal climates for growing a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and grains. In particular the Mendoza region, with its temperate climate and proximity to the Andes, provided an ideal environment for vineyards and farms.

After centuries of cultivation and careful tending, this region now yields a rich, robust and diverse range of crops that are the basis for many of the country’s most beloved and popular foods and wines.

Bottled Poetry brings you a sampling of the gourmet treats that capture the romance and spirit of this wondrous land. Dine. Drink. Live. Dream. This is Argentina!

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